Fluorescent Adolescent: “In The Lonely Hour” – Sam Smith

From his soft spoken voice to his soulful harmonizing, no words can explain the way Sam Smith has truly entranced the world. He is his generation’s Adele, and is without a doubt the new voice of soul music. His debut album, In The Lonely Hour, was released on May 26th of 2014 in the UK, a month before it graced the US. The overall reception of the album was positive and debuted at #1 on The Official Chart Update in the UK.  Continue reading

Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog [Memories of Murder Review]

December; Editing Process; Police Procedurals:

Memories of Murder Review:


Memories of Murder is what I consider to be the greatest and most well executed police procedural of all time. South Korea makes some seriously kickass crime films and this is one of my favorites. Three detectives, living in 1986 South Korea with three different and conflicting investigative styles, all search for a serial killer who has been raping, binding and killing young girls in the province of Gyunggi. The film was made in 2003 and directed by Joon-Ho Bong.  Continue reading

In Development: I Consider Myself an Architect

I spent a bit too much time on this one...
I spent a bit too much time on this one…

 Creating a game is like building a house –– the project requires a strong foundation to be successful. The house itself can have any appearance and be made for different purposes. But without a proper foundation, the house will not stand. Architects and contractors have the entire house planned out, but start out by setting the foundation. Games are frequently made in a similar style. Even though game designers have storyboards and goals planned out, the people actually coding the game start with the game engine, the game’s equivalent of a foundation.  Continue reading

Kindie: Miracles In December

It’s K-indie, not Kindle.

The Song:

Miracles in December is a Christmas song by the band Exo. Unlike the usual cheerful Christmas songs, this is a ballad about regretting the past and growing from it. The three vocalists from Exo work really well together, creating beautiful harmonies. The song is also very captivating, as it builds throughout its duration and gets better as it goes on. Continue reading