Touch Screen to Begin: Lost Fantasy (로스트판타지)


로스트판타지 for Kakao, or Lost Fantasy, is a Korean puzzle-based RPG. Similar to Puzzles and Dragons, this game adds new twists and turns to make it a completely fresh and fun experience. Even though I couldn’t understand the text at all (it was in Korean), I was still able to understand most of what was going from the tutorial and from prior knowledge playing PAD. If you’re not used to games like PAD, you might not want to dive into this, but if you are and you want something similar with a twist, then this might just be for you! Continue reading

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish


The ryukin is a round, oval-shaped goldfish with a noticeable camel-like hump on its back. It is the Japanese version of the fantail goldfish, which also has a tall back. However, the ryukin is also similar to the tamasaba –– another Japanese species –– which has a single tail while the ryukin can have a triple or quadruple tail.

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The Neverending Playlist That Is My Life: Beside You

5 Seconds Of Summer’ just came out with a new album that I have been falling in love with. One of my favorite songs on it is ‘Beside You,’ which is about being away and missing the person you love. This song is one of my favorites because I can relate! I always miss my cousin because we’re more like sisters, but she lives all the way across the U.S. in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Hood Life (The Haight)


The Hood: Haight Ashbury

For most, San Francisco’s iconic Haight Ashbury district instantly evokes images of dirty hippies, liberal peace and love, wearing flowers in your hair and last but not least –– a rebellious abundance of Mary Jane. And while much of those sentiments and practices are very much alive within the neighborhood, the Haight is slowly undergoing a transition from a tourist-ladened 1960s paradise to an up-and-coming hot spot for locals. From book stores, to designer thrift shops, girly boutiques and a diverse selection of eateries –– the notoriously psychedelic area is shedding its old ways and beginning to embrace SF’s fresh forward-focused aesthetic.  Continue reading

Shots Fired: Paintful Existence



I knew while creating my portfolio for art school, I wanted to showcase one photograph that would specifically highlight texture. I am a sucker for bold colors, so the first idea that popped into my head was to utilize paint. My original plan was to have somebody standing in the middle of a blank canvas, take multiple buckets filled with paint and completely drench my subject. The shot would be a still of the paint in motion featuring the person’s reaction. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there wasn’t a clear message behind my photograph. For a few nights, I twisted and turned, thinking of how I could still take this idea of paint and execute art with meaning. Then it hit me: paint suicide.

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The Wave: Gif the Faves


The Sunset Media Wave team sat around the table, unsupervised, alone and confused. Miranda was their only guide.

Jokes aside, she decided to get each member to create an image gif and a couple sentences about their favorite things. She wanted to find a little bit more about each person in the group and these are the results.

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