Fashiondairy: The Watered-Down Athletic Tee

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and this is the first post of my column, Fashiondairy. With this column, I will blog about the different angles of the fashion world that many of us forget to notice. Putting a spin on fashion concepts and trends keeps me sane, so here’s a column that will hopefully make your moments of insanity a little more bearable. Happy reading!

Fashion has always borrowed from athletic wear. Mesh tanks, sneaker wedges, and the infamous Nike Free Runs have all bounced onto the runways of the fashion industry. For this post, we’re going to focus on the basic athletic tee, except today we’re going to make it “not-so-basic.” In an effort to take a staple like the sporty tee and transform it into an affordable and unique piece, I turned to my love of crafts and San Francisco’s very own 49ers.

Achieving the timeless double stripe and large graphic number of the athletic tee is no big feat. Here’s what I did…



T-shirt (mine is from Uniqlo)
Painter’s tape
Fabric paint
Pen and paper
Paintbrushes or sponge brushes




To do:
1. Choose the numbers and colors you want on your shirt. Personally, I opted for a solid red and metallic gold to show my support for an amazing team. Colin Kaepernick (a skilled quarterback on San Francisco’s team) sports the number 7 across his chest. Perfect.
2. Lay your t-shirt onto a flat surface. Start taping along the cuffs of your sleeves. Leaving a half-inch gap between each round, attach three stripes of tape to each cuff.
3. Sketch the number you want on your shirt. Tape the outline across the front. Equally effective options to achieving a bold number are printable iron-on transfers and stencils.
4. Paint away!
5. Let dry and remove tape. You’re done!




To remember:
1. Read the directions. Fabric paint is uncharted territory for lots of people, so do your research before washing your shirt. Unfortunately, I forgot that one of my colors required a good ironing before washing. Also, I accidentally mixed water into my paints, hence the stains.
2. Put cardstock or a thick sheet of material between the layers of your tee. (Wouldn’t want any paint to bleed through.)
3. Take a step back every once in a while and look at your work from a distance. Hopefully this will prevent any unwelcome discoveries when all is said and done.
4. Mistakes are bound to happen in this experiment. Embrace them!
5. Have fun!! Don’t select your favorite Alexander Wang t-shirt for this DIY. Fashion is fast, so this project deserves to be a moment in time, not momentously time-consuming.

I’m not sure how I feel about the watercolor effects of my mistakes on this top. Let me know what you think! Should I paint over the mistakes in white? Or should I follow my own advice and embrace the imperfections of my watered-down athletic tee? 
Thanks for popping in to read my column! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the process of my tee painting! If you decide to give it a whirl, snap a photo! Send it my way ( and I’ll post it ASAP!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” -Scott Adams

Words and pictures by Jasmine Toy

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