Is This Loud Enough?: How to get into a Concert for FREE! (Tip #1)

I don’t know about you, but I find myself short on cash a lot (probably because I spend all my money on clothes and concerts). So for anyone like me, who is living the struggle, I would like to offer up the secret of how to get into a concert for free. It takes some courage, but it will NEVER FAIL!

Follow these four steps:
1. Get a trash bag.
2. Put yourself in the trash bag.
3. Get to the venue early and sit next to a trashcan.
4. Wait patiently by the service door until someone leaves it open, then roll on in!


YES! You are now totally in, so enjoy the show!

By the way, this is not an actual tip, it’s just my Halloween costume. Yes, I was a trash bag. Yes, I sat next to the trash can and screamed “RECYCLE!” at students who passed by in the halls. I am now very curious to see if this helps me get into shows for free. I’ll have to get back to you cuties on this one.

Until next time home skillet biscuits!

Words by Yu Ling Wu

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