Is This Loud Enough?: Concert Survival Guide for Pint-Sized People

My name is Yu Ling, and I have an addiction to concerts.

If you’re like me (a 4-foot, 6 ½-inch person), attending concerts and having a good time can be a bit of a struggle, especially with general admission tickets. However, after becoming the extreme concert junkie that I am today, I have picked up on some great tips that can give tiny concert goers the advantage.

1. The Pitfalls of General Admission
Not going to lie—I really hate general admission sometimes. Aside from the fact that at very intense concerts, the crowd can get a bit rowdy and sweat on you, I can never see a single thing and end up eating everyone’s farts. Lucky for you, I’ve got some great tips, especially if you’re looking to be front and center to view your favorite artists.

2. Show up early!
Regardless of your height or size, you definitely want to get to a venue early. If the ticket says the show starts at 7 pm—I kid you not—get there at 4 pm! Call me crazy, but I can guarantee people will already be there. If they are a popular artist and you’re a stalwart fan, I’d even go as far to say show up at noon! Then again, you will get very tired of waiting and will most likely get the urge to pee. In that case, bring a chair and a diaper. (That’s a joke.)

3. The Buddy System
Referring back to the last point, if you want to wait it out for your fave artist, I’d bring another hardcore fan to either wait in line for you, so you can meet up later, or you can take turns switching in and out of the line.

4. Squish and Swoop
If you’ve got the guts, you could seriously just squish your way to the front of the crowd and wait patiently as someone goes to get a drink and SWOOP!

5. Play Nice
If you can bust out the puppy eyes, I suggest you do so if you get desperate. I like to think that people are constantly seeking out the best ways to improve themselves as people, so if you are tiny like me, they may actually offer you a spot in front of them because they feel so bad—and it doesn’t hurt them…so why not? This works on luck, or if you “accidentally” hit them and apologize, then they totally notice you and totally fall for your plan.

6. Stand up for yourself
If you find that being quiet, being pushy, or being too prepared just doesn’t seem to work for you, just ask to move in front of a person! Seriously, it won’t hurt! The worst they can do is say no. (Well, the worst they can do is punch you in the throat, but that’s highly unlikely.)

7. A Bit on Dancing
When people rock out at a concert, they really go hard or go home. Be aware of your surroundings! By this I mean elbows, hands, and feet. Keep your eyes away from those pointy elbows, because I can’t tell you how much it sucks to get punched in the eye by somebody who is trying to party. If you’re like me, you hate feet. So wear sensible shoes because people get tipsy and step on toes without apologizing.

Hopefully these facts are useful to you as they have been for me!

Words and photo by Yu Ling Wu

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