The Film Side of the Force: 4DX Theaters Coming Near You!

Do you love movies? Do you love seeing movies in a theater? How about 3D films? Think they’re the best thing since the internet? Think again! 4PLEX (a South Korean company) is bringing the 4DX to a theater near you!

4DX Theaters are similar to the ones you would find in amusement parks, but with one main difference: smell. Yes, theaters are finally experimenting with scent. Can you imagine watching a film and actually smelling the ocean or baked cookies or rotting bodies?

4DX theaters are equipped with dispensers that give the audience a whiff of a scent that corresponds to what they’re watching on the screen. For The Avengers, the theatre was made to smell like an auto-body shop and in Avatar, the room was scented like a forest.

One Yelp reviewer commented, “It’s kind of like being on a tame roller coaster with flashing lights, smoke, and a wind machine (good fun).” Another said, “The constant moving made it hard to eat food or even get out of your chair to go to the bathroom, disappointed.”

With the full 4DX experience, your chair moves with the film, and depending on the film, you may experience water, bubbles, gusting air, strobe lights, scents, and fog machines during the movie as well. Some filmmakers say that all of these added effects could take the audience’s attention away from the film. Others say that 4DX will completely revolutionize film and it takes us one step closer to a complete reality simulation.

If you think about it, 120 years ago talkies were just being invented (that is, movies with sound). Filmmakers then were afraid that audio would take the audience out of the film, or in some cases, even disturb them. I see a real parallel between this and the current 4DX debate. Would you really want to smell the rotting bodies in World War Z? Or candy in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? If I was alive in the dawn of talkies, I know I would be afraid of using audio. Think about this. How many films have you heard that had gory sound effects, or loud explosions, that you wish you didn’t have to hear?

With this new technology you will be able to smell everything that’s happening in a film. It may seem great or stupid or distracting right now, but in a few years, scents will become the norm while watching movies.

What do you think? Would all the added effects become annoying? Tell me what you think below!

Words by Madelynne Hewett
Images via 4DX

One thought on “The Film Side of the Force: 4DX Theaters Coming Near You!

  1. I almost feel like an old lady for saying this, but I don’t want 4DX to be the norm. I would rather have the choice to see 4DX and have the majority of theaters to be what we have now.
    I just feel like a little can go a long way. I want an actor to make me feel something, I want a shot from above to make me feel the character’s loneliness, I want a straight on angle of someone pointing a gun forward to make me afraid, not the jerk of my seat or the wind in my face or a horribly, fake smell. I can get wind, smells and movement at theme parks and I’d rather those aspects stay out of the cinema which is already so commercialized.

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