Fashiondairy: The Velvet Prototype


Hello hello! Today’s post is going to be a brief peep into the life of your favorite fabric-crazed teen. I don’t know about you, but this year I’m definitely feeling an onset of SENIORITIS. With the overload of homework, applications, and the inevitable “So have you applied for college yet?” questions pouring in, I decided to take advantage of this three-day weekend by treating myself to some time for dressmaking.


The Devil Wears Prada is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE movie. Think about the iTunes playlist you always find yourself playing when you’re walking down the street—in the same way you listen to those songs to inspire you, I look to Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, and Stanley Tucci for life’s biggest troubles. Throughout the ENTIRE process of the making this dress, I watched this “SHINING beacon of HOPE” at least five or six times.


If you ever want to know what crushed velvet feels like, take a pair of scissors and snip away at a length of velvet fabric. I never really understood the concept of having “crushed velvet” chunks scattered across a fresh manicure, but the fine, red powder on my legs after a day with a yard of velvet was enough to enlighten me.



Here are a few pictures from my first time working with velvet!! To be honest, I wanted to make a cropped, velvet tee. But hey, Troubleshooting is my middle name!


I decided to do fitted tank and a flowing skater skirt; I pieced them together as more of an afterthought.


Hope this post makes you feel inVELVETarily drawn to trying something new!!!

Words and images by Jasmine Toy

4 thoughts on “Fashiondairy: The Velvet Prototype

    1. Hi Rohma!!! Thank you so much for reading my post!
      Thanks for the feedback; I’ll probably make just the skirt the next time I work with velvet.
      I took a look at your blog. You have some really awesome content! Loved your videos.
      Hope to see and hear more from you!


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