The Wave: Advice to Young People!


Similar to our recent cardboard cutout project that we posted just a few days ago (you can check that out here), the Sunset Media Wave crew took on the challenge of taking something apart only to put it back together to form something completely new. Our instructors surfed the interwebs and picked out a long list of famous quotes, and after printing them onto multiple sheets of paper, we were handed a pair of scissors and a glue stick. The challenge this time? Pick out sentences or words that we liked and paste them onto a new piece of paper in a way that may or may not make sense. In some ways, this project represented how order can come from chaos, and vice-versa. To start, nobody knew exactly what they would create with their chosen words and fragmented sentences—sometimes we came up with very random and hilarious stories, other times deep poems, mysterious questions, or an art piece composed simply of words. We let our minds run free, not necessarily concerned with order, but just focused on creating, and the results were interesting to say the least.

Amber: Oh K-Drama 

Brienne: Sketchy People 

Glenn: What Was I Thinking? 

Helen: Fireflying Into The Future 

Jon: Cheap Shots 

Jasmine: Fashiondiary 

Katie: The Real Slim Katie 

Michael: Silver Surfer 

Madelynne: The Film Side of the Force 

Miranda: I shutter When I See You 

Maggie: Desserted 

Max: How Not to Make Music 

Sarah: Outfluence 

Yu Ling: Is This Loud Enough

Words by Yu Ling Wu

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