Sketchy People: Surprise!

sketchy people 2

The other day I was bragging to my mother about this surprise party I had been planning for my best friend (literally for months). Immediately, she then turned to me and said, “A surprise party? I would hate that. Never throw me a surprise party. I hate surprises.” I started to wonder: What do people think of surprises? Do people like them? Hate them? Love them? These questions inspired this week’s theme of “Surprise!” I asked people to draw what they see when they hear the word “surprise,” and the results were rather interesting…

Here we see examples of the many different interpretations of the word “surprise.”
sketchy people 4 This masterpiece of a doodle was created by the photocopier extraordinaire Jon Bernson of Cheap Shots. Just look at that mullet…

sketchy people 5 This doodle was inspired by the worst children’s toy EVER: the Childhood-Ruiner-in-a-Box (a.k.a. the Jack-in-a-Box). It is this “surprise” that has haunted my nightmares from the age of 4-16.

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