I Shutter When I See You: White Grime

i shutter when i see you 
She was not ready.

She went in expecting romantic sin.
Beautiful sin.
But it is never quite like that, is it?

Sucked up and spit out in stripes.
That is how she feels.

Inspired by three women, one melancholy and two white-faced

This one certainly went places.
In every self-portrait there is a compromise that needs to occur between concept and props/logistics. This is an especially strong compromise when you are as much of an amateur as I am.
In this one I had to let concept go slightly to actually be able to shoot the type of image I wanted. The logistics for the perfect concept image were proving impossible and my prop (namely corn starch) was not as, well, cloudy as I wanted it to be.
Because you do not know the image I had in my mind, you cannot be disappointed by this result! For now, I will leave any relation between this portrait and its inspiration up to you. I want you to interpret it, and the poem, however you will. If you have any questions, feel free to rush down to the comments!

Portrait and Words by Miranda Hollingswood

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