Fashiondairy: Baby It’s Gold Outside

gold title

Hi again!! I thought I’d show you all a small project I did a little while ago!

Since this was my first time making a skirt, I opted for inexpensive materials instead of more substantial fabrics. The costs of experimenting can add up, so I was careful when choosing size and quality.


I paired sequined, black tulle with gold fabric. My original intention wasn’t to have that excess tulle extend past the edges of the gold, but more is better than less when you’re experimenting. The two types of fabric were naturally sheer on their own, and together they seemed more complete and substantial for a night out.

Or so I thought.

I decided to wear this for the first time on a really cold night, and as you can imagine, I was freezing my tail off!


Here, I was hanging up a few of the pieces I’ve sewn, and I noticed how placing the gold, textured skirt really intensified the richness of the red velvet of last post‘s dress.

We’ve got it good in San Francisco—sporting our favorite holiday color pairings serves a dual purpose. Go Niners!


The tulle’s color stands out a bit more as the skirt tapers off into the elastic portion. This was the first time I worked with elastic for a waistband, and I must admit that I found it ridiculously time-consuming, especially considering I did not know what I was doing—I think I spent half-an-hour threading the elastic through the gap I had sewn with the tulle and gold fabric.

I’m definitely going to need to try a new method of putting the elastic in next time. If you have any suggestions, let me know!! I love learning, and I’d rather not SKIRT the issue.

Have a great week!!!


Words and images by Jasmine Toy

3 thoughts on “Fashiondairy: Baby It’s Gold Outside

  1. Were you threading the elastic through a tube? I stick the end of the elastic onto a safety pin, and hold the safety pin in my left hand. Then I scrunch the tube with my right hand, towards my left hand, then grab the safety pin with my right hand (through the fabric) and pull to the right. It will take about two minutes.

    1. Hey Rebecca!!

      I was being ridiculous and tried using a hairpin instead. Thanks for the advice!!! I will definitely remember that when I piece another skirt together.

      I was looking through your blog and I love how creative you are with your patterns and DIYs! My favorites are the recycled calendar projects. I saw your post asking for camera recommendations–my Canon Rebel t3i has been my pride and joy for over a year. It’s a little bit past the price point you listed, but you can do quite a bit with it!

      Thanks again for checking out the post!


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