Is This Loud Enough? : Top Ten Concerts of 2013

Hey guys! It’s your girl Yu Ling here! Can you believe 2013 passed by so quickly? As a tribute to one of the best years for concerts, I have compiled my list of my top ten favorite concerts! Check it out!

We’re going to speed through this list like Usain Bolt, like BAM BAM BAM CHICKEN AND HAM THIS IS WHY THIS CONCERT WAS INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE AND TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!!! I’m going to describe the concert in one sentence, give three songs (or more for bigger concerts) I enjoyed, and five words that I associate with it.

Honorable Mentions that just missed the list:

-Marina and the Diamonds


Where I discovered Charli XCX and danced the night away with my friends in an upbeat bubblegum pink atmosphere.

Songs: “Teen Idle”, “Primadonna”, “How to be a Heartbreaker”

Words: Pink, Girly, Bubbly, Exciting, Energetic

Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr.

I held onto dear life to Albert, one of my favorite members of the Strokes, as he stared into my eyes with deep concentration and penetrated my soul with his uber adorable suspenders.

Songs: “In Transit”, “Everyone Gets a Star”, “GfC”

Words: Charming, Intimate, Grunge, Uplifting, Thoughtful

-Lupe Fiasco


Attempted to rap along with this poetic musician as he asked the crowd “TURN DOWN FO’ WHAT?” and danced until the wee hours of the night.

Songs: “Kick, Push”, “B*tch Bad”, “Old School Love”

Words: Flow, #Turntup, Powerful, Rhythmic, Poetic

10. Paramore @ The Warfield, San Francisco


Sang my heart out to my favorite middle school band as Jeremy and Taylor did back flips with their guitars and Hayley brought the venue down with her powerhouse vocals.

Songs: “Ain’t It Fun”, “Misguided Ghosts”, “When It Rains”

Words: Energetic, Spunky, Rambunctious, Wild, Crazy

9. Not So Silent Night (Night 2) – The Neighbourhood, Alt-J, Lorde, Bastille, Phoenix and Arcade Fire @ Oakland


Bastille taking the stage


Phoenix rocking the crowd


The Neighbourhood


Lorde and her interesting hand dance

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire going all out

Alt- J

Alt-J getting groovy

An indie night extravaganza where I was hit in the face with back to back epic performances by my favorite artists.

Songs: “Sweater Weather”, “Breezeblocks”, “Pompeii”, “Team”, “Trying to be Cool”, “Reflektor”

Words: Solid (because it was so packed with people and quality acts), Hipster, Memorable, Awesome, Fresh

8. The Head and the Heart @ The Fox Theater, Oakland

Head 2

Head and the Heart

I took a break from my classic electronic pop concerts for a magical mellow night with a unique indie rock band that proved studio albums may not do some artists complete justice.

Songs: “Rivers and Roads”, “Let’s Be Still”, “Lost In My Mind”

Words: Peaceful, Classic, Chill, Light, Honey (because their music makes me feel so warm and loved like when I eat honey).

7. Roisin O @ a really sketchy house


I risked my life by going to the sketchiest concert ever, but i was pleasantly surprised with an intimate living room jam session sing along that left me thinking positive and feeling happy.

Did I mention I got to meet her afterwards?

Songs: “Tea Song”, “Let’s Find Some People”, “You Owe Me A Drink”

Words: Relaxed, Folk, Nostalgic, Sunshine, Rejuvenating

6. Arctic Monkeys @ The Fox Theater, Oakland

Arctic Monkeys

Experienced a two hour long eargasm as I stared at Alex Turner and his perfection, and rocked along with the crowd.

Songs: “Do I Wanna Know”, “Fluorescent Adolescent”, “R U Mine?”

Words: Sexy, Upbeat, Psychedelic, Electric, Rockin’

5. Alicia Keys and Miguel @ The Oracle Arena, Oakland

Alicia Keys

This girl was truly on fire as she stripped down to just a piano and her voice, bringing the audience together, and tears to my eyes.

Songs: “Empire State of Mind (Part II Broken Down)”, “Unbreakable”, “If I Ain’t Got You”

Words: Smooth, Groovy, Glamorous, Jazzy, Soulful

4. The xx @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley


Found myself put into a trance by beautifully intertwined hypnotic voices of Romy and Oliver.

Songs: “Fiction”, “Crystalised”, “Tides”

Words: Magical, Sensational, Hypnotizing, Beautiful , Calming

3. Jay Z & Justin Timberlake @ Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Jay Z


Jay-Z and JT blow it up together


I learned what the meaning of true swagger is, and how to two stars is always better than one.

Songs: “Tom Ford”, “Seniorita”, “Empire State of Mind”, “On To The Next One”, “Cry Me A River”, “Pusher Love Girl”, “Holy Grail”, “Summer Love”

Words: Powerhouse, Hyphy, Bumpin’, Amazing, Lively

2. Beyonce @ SAP Center, San Jose


There is no possible reason to ever hate Beyonce, because this woman is strong, independent, and can hold a perfect note while shaking her rump (I can’t even…).

Songs: “Schoolin’ Life”, “Survivor”, “Get Me Bodied”, “Halo”, “Party”, “Irreplaceable”

Words: Fierce, Intense, Fabulous, Exciting, Energetic

1. Lady Gaga @SAP Center,San Jose


Gaga’s medieval inspired castle


Up close and personal


Graced with the presence of my queen after camping out a day in advance for the best night of my life filled with glitter, passion, and liberation.

(P.S. I was front row and Gaga called me “little girl”, best moment of my existence)

Songs: ALL OF THEM, but if I had to pick, “ScheiBe”, “Government Hooker”, “Hair”

Words: Freedom, Empowerment, Rainbow, Exhilarating, Spontaneous

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great new year!


-Yu Ling

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