Through Lenses: 365 Days, Week #1

365 wk 1Why do a 365?
I find, as a photographer, that my output is either very high or very low. Sporadic, even. I can have a wonderful day where I capture over ten photos I love and then have weeks in between where I find nothing I like enough to edit. By starting a 365 project, and posting a photo each day on the Instagram app, I am able to keep my eyes open. I find many more things that I want to photograph or explore and I constantly look at the world around me like an artist. Every day can be creative, even if I am working from 8am to 10pm.

While that does not mean I am thrilled with what I capture every day, it means I can constantly improve my work. When it comes to taking a professional photo, I will be able to do so with less compositional error and higher success!

Though taking these photos and posting them everyday is all well and good, I find myself wanting to revisit my past posts. That is where this blog comes in! For each seven photos I take, I will choose a favorite one and also one, that, well, I hated, and explain the reasons why I chose them. I work to improve; speaking critically and objectively about the work I am doing is very important to me.

Without further ado:

Week #1

The Bad: “Tiny Klein Bottle”
"Tiny Klein bottle"
Oh, there are so many reasons for disliking this guy.

I was so enthused about the subject matter that I ran straight ahead without thinking too much about the composition. The way my hand is placed within the frame means it is cut off right at the wrist. This is, generally, never a good thing to do in a photo as the body can appear severed if cropped at a joint.

The shininess and over-exposed quality of the hand look very odd to me as I consider it once again. I almost look plastic, especially against the dark background. Ah, background. I just have to nitpick those tiny dots from the lights, too.

But oh well, it’s still a Tiny Klein bottle!!! Get yours here!

The Good: “Polar bear Mittens”
Polar Bear Mittens

I have broken lots of photography “rules” with this one, and yet it is still my favorite. While it does have the same theme as the tiny Klein bottle (cuteness), I like it most of all because of the humor. The girl wearing these mittens was in her early twenties and looked bright and happy. But in the photo, the melancholy man behind her looks like he is the wearer of the mittens and I just find that hilarious and wonderful.

Fun facts from Week #1:
1. The Klein bottle is a non-orientationable, one-sided, zero-volume bottle. It is the three-dimensional representation of a four-dimensional Mobius loop. If you are a pure math nerd or if you’ve studied Projective Geometry you might be interested in this. Personally, I appreciate these figures because of their relation to a long-time family friend and for their aesthetics.

2. For both of these photos I used the “Blur” option on the Instagram app. This is a good way of inserting a tighter focus when still using an iPhone camera.

3. Viewing these photos outside of my iPhone is something I will get used to as this column continues. They’re so large!

Have any optical illusion photos you’d like to send my way? Have any comments on these photos? Contact me on my 365 Instagram: mh365, at, or right down there in the comments!!

Images and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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