Through Lenses: 365 Days, Week #2

365 week 2
Week #2

The bad:

“Failed poached egg, pretty good representation of my day.”

failed poached egg

While this was a good representation of my day, I could have pulled it off far better. The gross closeup factor is fine by me—it gets the crappy emotion across but the overexposed window and table glare in the background pulls your attention away from the subject. I could have made the background much darker and plain if I had simply angled my camera in a different direction.

The good:

“Chinese medicine aftermath can look pretty gnarly.”

chinese medicine

I am a fan of bruises and scars. They show you’re living. They show history. From “I tripped on a table” to “a shark bit me,” I’m always enthused. Plus, I must admit, I can find the insides of beings as beautiful as the outside. I mean that in the least creepy way possible; I just find the way bodies are made so fascinating, and the way they react to traumas fascinating as well.

Every time I get cupping, a form of chinese medicine which opens up the lungs and helps with chest colds, I am tempted to photograph the aftermath. Now I finally have!

Now for the photo: I like the twist of my spine and how the pink left in my hair mixes with the purple of the bruises. I like that my hand is blurred as it keeps my hair hanging in the first third of the photograph. I like how well my body sits in the frame and the simple way the colors compliment each other.

Fun facts from Week #2:

1. For the second photo I used the self-timer app, TimerCam. As long as I have somewhere to place my iPhone, this is always a great app for competing in the Selfie Olympics. I recommend it, 100%.

Have any comments on these photos? Contact me on my 365 Instagram: mh365 (you can check out the good the bad the medium here as well), at or right down in the comments!

Photos and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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