365 Days, Week #3

week 3
Week #3:

The bad:

“Essays essays essays”


Sometimes I don’t even have time to look up from what I am doing all day. Sometimes I’m too stressed to think artistically. Sometimes. And it leads to overly simplistic and dull captures. The end.

The good:

“Headed across the Bay to visit old friends and watch Christmas movies and avoid finals homework for that little bit longer.”

photo 2

I like the simplicity in this photo. Looking over at the bridge that used to link city to city, seeing it as a fossil, old and gone. The white of the new bridge along the bottom, the iconic crane, the plain sky. It captured a moment of reminiscing, traveling to see people I had not seen for years, and I like that.
I hope it is something any Bay Area resident would recognize on sight. This type of image seems iconic to me.

Fun facts for Week #3:

1. This Eastern section of the Bay Bridge was replaced after it was deemed unsafe for long term use. The new bridge cost $6.4 billion and is the largest public works project in California history.

Have any comments on these photos? Contact me on my 365 Instagram: mh365 (you can check out the good, the bad, and the medium there as well), at mhollingswood@gmail.com, or right down in the comments!

Images and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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