Fashiondairy: Knitpicking


I’d be lying if I said knitting is a painless, carefree sport played only by women of older generations. Aside from your trusty wool sweater, your experiences with anything knit-related are likely limited, and you may even scoff a little at the woman playing with needles on the bus. Don’t try to hide it–we’ve all been there.



In truth, today’s most successful clothing retailers have, right under our noses, mastered machine knitting to crunch out major amounts of knitwear each day. Without the techniques and patterns thought up by experienced (or maybe not-so-experienced) knitters, where would our precious Fair Isle beanies and seed-stitched sweaters be? Sometimes rewinding and experiencing the broken-down process can reinforce our appreciation for our favorite winter wardrobe staples.


My grandmother exposed me to knitting when I was really young, and the hobby has stayed with me ever since. I’ve expanded my mental library of stitches and patterns, like this double-seed stitch I’m working on. (For those experienced knitters who are curious: k2p2 for two rows, then p2k2 for the next two.)



Whether or not I want to add another scarf to my portfolio of projects at this very moment is still unclear. What I do know for certain though is my appreciation for the pink hue of the Lion Brand yarn I’ve been using. Pastels have made a solid and lasting appearance in the winter, and it’s a trend I hope to see for years. But, who knows? Only time will pastel.

Cheers to everyone stitching to do something beautiful with their day! Have a great week.


Words and images by Jasmine Toy

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