365 Days, Week #4

photo 365

Week #4

The bad:


insta 2

A last minute post on a last minute day. See, this was the day after Christmas. Americans do not even have a word for this day, but I always think of it as a happy day filled with family and celebration. A day to enjoy presents and the thought of the coming new year.

This photo says none of that when you look at it. But I see it. I see the PJs I was given for Christmas and the post-Christmas stress due to unknowns and the “what’s next”s I heard all day. But because another viewer cannot see these things in the photo, it is a failed capture.

Plus, the composition is dull.

The good:

“Trying to put love into physical form this year and also think extra long and hard about the ones I cannot get present to.”

insta 1

Look here: clean, crisp composition!! It just feels nice on the eyes, doesn’t it?

I spent so long wrapping all of these gifts, then organizing them neatly, and it certainly paid off in my eyes. The world is messy and weird and never quite the way we want it to be, but sometimes we can entirely take something control and make something beautiful from it. That always makes me happy.

Fun facts for Week #4

  1. The pajamas I was given for Christmas come from the cute company The Cat’s Pajamas. You can find every print from kittens to penguins to flowers.
  2. The second photo here was inspired by the Tumblr blog Things Organized Neatly. If you’ve ever been called a neat freak or if you like clean design and photography, this blog is for you.

Have any comments on these photos? Contact me on my 365 Instagram: mh365 (you can check out the good, the bad, and the medium there as well), at mhollingswood@gmail.com, or right down in the comments!

Images and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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