Young Threads: Young Soul One

Kart Jogila

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”

Hair and Face: All Natural..ha ha
Red Collared top : Crossroads
Jeans: Crossroads
Sweatshirt: Souvenir shop at Washington D.C
Shoes: White Converse Chuck Taylors


Describe your style!
I don’t really have a specific style; I just wear what I like.

Why did you choose this outfit?
It is very comfortable. The jumper is very warm so it’s great for San Francisco’s bipolar weather (often cold, then hot). My jeans are actually high waisted, so they are sooo comfy.

Where do you usually shop?
I usually go thrifting. I go to Crossroads, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, etc..

What are your fashion inspirations?
Definitely what I see around the streets! I also look at blogs, TUMBLR (emphasis on tumblr), magazines, and Youtube.

Bonnie’s Thoughts:
Her outfit is very casual and well put together. I like how she added a pop of color by having the red collar shirt peeking out at the top. I also like that her sweatshirt was from a souvenir shop; it adds a silly touch to the outfit. Casual white converse are the way to go! They are classic and match with everything.

Words and pictures by Bonnie Yuen

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