Fashiondairy: Discount Fabrics, Irving Street


Heading into the Discount Fabrics on Irving Street, I always swerve past the the register and exchange a familiar nod of greeting with the ladies behind the counter. Discount Fabrics is a neighborhood treasure that keeps a steady supply of jersey, chiffon, and cotton prints. I’ve come to enjoy the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that the establishment provides. It’s my go-to destination for an amazing variety of fabrics, tools, and notions, but knowing I’ll receive honest feedback from the people there is likely the store’s greatest appeal.



If you ever happen to give the mom-and-pop shop a chance, be sure to peruse both floors! The first floor holds quite a bit of fabric, but the second floor offers heavier or less common materials that generally aren’t lugged down the stairs very frequently.





Recently I dragged a roll of faux leather down the stairs for the first time—that extra flight of stairs really made me think twice about my choice of material!




Let me know if you ever decide to pop in! I’d love to hear about your experience, considering I’ve entered that door DISCOUNTless times. Have an amazing day and an even better week!


Big thanks to the gals at Discount Fabrics for letting me invade their space:

2315 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 564-7333

Word and images by Jasmine Toy

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