Desserted (Adventures in Food Edition): Roam Artisan Burgers


My first burger ever was from McDonald’s, so you can imagine how low the bar was set for me. The $1 McChicken burger enlightened me, but every burger after that was even better. The beautiful meat sandwich took me to burger heaven and back countless times, giving me more and more joy each time. A few months ago, I discovered my favorite burger joint of all, Roam Artisan Burgers.



Roam Artisan Burgers offers quality burgers made with fresh ingredients and 100% grass-fed beef. They also offer house-made sodas, fries, and delicious milk shakes. When ordering, they give you the choice to a beef, turkey, bison, veggie, or elk burger.

The Eats:


I ordered the Heritage beef burger ($8.50), which consists of bacon, fontina, lettuce, tomato, and caramelized onions. The buns were perfect. They were warm and super soft, but crispy at the same time. Perfection. The bacon on the other hand didn’t complement the burger well. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love bacon. But this particular burger didn’t work well with bacon. Overall, it was a decent burger but it definitely isn’t the best burger they have to offer.


My friend Dana ordered the Turkey French and Fries ($8.50). This burger consists of truffle parmesan fries, gruyere, avocado, caramelized onions, and watercress. Dana is really big on healthy foods, so she decided to go with turkey rather than the traditional beef burger. Turkey, offering less fat and calories, is definitely the healthier option, but not the tastier one. This burger was quite enjoyable, but did not have the “wow factor.” The fries and avocado offered an nice edge, but not enough to leave a lasting impression.


Katie ordered the Beef Sunny Side ($8.50), which consists of an organic free-range egg, white cheddar, caramelized onions, greens, tomato, and sweet chili sauce. The ingredients complemented each other nicely. The egg and greens gave the burger a lighter taste. The sweet chili sauce gave it that extra pop. Having tried all three burgers, we all concluded that this was the best of the three. I highly recommend giving this burger a try because it will change your life.


Along with burgers, we ordered two house-made sodas: ginger-lime and prickley-pear. Both sodas consisted of unique and refreshing flavors that went well with the burgers. If you are into trying new flavors, I highly recommend these sodas.

When all was eaten and done:

Would I come back to Roam Artisan? Yes, I would. And I would join their meal plan if they had one. Their delicious and unique burgers, drinks, and fries always leave me wanting more. Anytime a friend asks me for a restaurant recommendation, Roam is the first place I mention. They offer a quality burger for an affordable price, which is hard to find. Artisan burgers usually cost a lot but can be frustratingly unsatisfying. This joint creates burgers that bring a nice twist to the traditional burger, for less money than places like Umami Burger.


Words and images by Maggie Ma

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