I Shutter When I See You: Bird in the Rain // Wet Feet

birds 2.jpg

birds 1

I don’t care much for the comfort of a feather-free sidewalk

Inspired by a mother and child intent on pigeon activity.

A simple prop makes for an evening of adventure. I waited for about a week to take this self-portrait; after my mother helped me purchase black feathers, all I needed to do was wait for a calm night with heavy rain.
The feathers came to my mind first. The feet of the child were what made me strip my shoes and the grime of pigeons sent me into the street. Then I worked with the prop until I found something compelling. There is a freedom equated to birds and flight which I wanted to capture. I did not want these photos to be “perfect” so I used a grimy flash and chose to publish the photo with an unexpected element: a time-lapse light trail from a passing car. Here’s how I ended the shoot:


Thank you for reading! I am very excited about my next pair of posts: keep your eyes on the lookout!

Photography and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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