Fashiondairy: The Mesh Tank


The recent influx of Fashion Week images has encouraged me to start another project for 2014. Mesh clothing is a touchy subject: is it cool and mysterious, or inappropriately revealing? I have friends who have sworn only to indulge in wearing mesh for athletic reasons, but I know others who dare to flaunt their fashion mesh HOLEly unashamed.

If you’ve read my post on Discount Fabrics, you know I love poking around the store and testing out new materials. In their markdown section I was hopping up and down to catch a better view of any rolls of fabrics when I noticed a stash of colored mesh, waiting to be purchased. I opted for the black mesh (not wanting to bite off more than I could chew).



Experimenting with a new bolt of fabric is best when you’re working with a new material. I decided to map out a simple mesh tank before getting into something a little more ambitious. I created an outline of the shape I wanted, cut out a front and back, and started sewing.




If you’re wondering how to sew the top: the connecting edges of both pieces should be put together first. Then you can fold over and finish the seams of the collar, sleeves, and bottom.


What do you think of the mesh trend? Is it an interesting way of looking at yet another athletic detail, or do you think the fashion industry should attempt to MESHter up more creativity and find a new obsession?

TANK you for reading, and come BLACK soon!


Words and images by Jasmine Toy

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