I Shutter When I See You: Puppy Love


I never thought I’d love this pile of bouncing fur

Inspired by a woman and her dog, resting in a Taiwan park

My family adopted our dog suddenly without too much hesitation. That sort of thing happens when your older sister works at a veterinarian office. A medium-sized s(paniel/ p)oodle with the energy of a thousand pups, he inserted himself into our lives, with his tendency to fail at sitting and his howls which pierced our ears each time we put him in the car.

A pet can bring its owner unbounded love, more beautiful than anything else. This type of love is so important because humans have stayed so far from our grounded, earthy roots. We still need animals around to keep us young and remind us that life can be boiled down to the simplest of needs: food, exercise, warmth, and hugs.

P.S. Spy the hair color change?

A portrait of a stranger, coming soon!

Portrait and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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