Young Threads: Young Soul Five

Justin Esguerra

“Insert some catchy quote”

Sweater : H&M

Jeans : Old Navy

Shoes : Timberlands

Backpack : Zumiez

justin2 justin3

Describe your style!
My style is inspired by what fits.

Why did you choose this outfit?
I chose this because it was really comfortable and formal.

Where do you usually shop?
I usually shop at H&M, Zumiez, Old Navy, and Urban Outfitters.

What are your fashion inspirations?
My inspiration for fashion is a mix of the 90s, hypebeasts, and hipsters. I don’t like brands so I just mix them up to confuse people.

Bonnie’s Thoughts:
He looks so comfy…I’ve seen those shoes everywhere! All da ratchet kids hav dem kicks doe. Just kidding, I love those shoes. Trendy!

Words and pictures by Bonnie Yuen

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