Is This Loud Enough?: Miley Cyrus – BANGERZ



If tumblr were a person, it would probably be Miley Cyrus.

Miley, the queen of controversy, twerk, and tongue action, as well as my role model (just kidding about that last part….not really), hit the stage in San Jose on a ratchet Tuesday night.

Here are some highlights if you’re running late and just need a quick recap.

What I wore:

1. My rainbow fur coat – because I know Miley likes to wear huge oversized fuzzy coats.

Ling outfit

2. White tank top, white leggings – drawing inspiration from Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” video.

3. UNIF Neon Green high top spiked sneakers – I wanted shoes that were colorful, yet also a little bada$$.


4. Gold accessories – Gotta bling up it up, add some spice to the salsa, feel what I mean queen?


Who to go with:

A friend who can twerk and sing. I am not even kidding right now.


 Opening Act: ICONA POP

Icona pop 2

I really enjoy Icona Pop’s upbeat energy! I missed Sky Ferreira’s opening act since this concert actually started on time (wow!), but Icona Pop definitely delivered. They did exactly what an opening act should do: hype up the crowd, entertain us for a short time, and leave us wanting more.

Favorite moments of the night:

When Miley first made her way onto stage by sliding out on a tongue from her own face…what even?

Miley x tongue entrance

Screenshot 2014-03-17 18.21.56

Screenshot 2014-03-17 18.22.20

Screenshot 2014-03-17 18.22.42


When she rode away on the biggest hot-dog I have ever seen:


The stripped down acoustic set that gave the entire concert a calmer tone (and she was closer to me, YES!):


Favorite songs of the night:

“ADORE YOU” – This is actually such a sweet song, and I liked the fact that Miley decided not to gyrate on a bed while singing it. Instead, she had a camera search for couples who were kissing and showed it on the big screen. Nice touch to one of her slower songs.


“23” – I love Miley’s ratchet-white-girl style, I actually think it fits her well. 23 is one of my favorite songs to get hyphy to, so when she sang it I went apesh*t crazy. You just can’t help but sing along to “J’s on my feet (you know it!), J’s on my feet (you know it!), J’s on my feet….so get like me!”. Favorite line of that is when Miley says “ If you’re lame, that’s a shame, you can’t hang with us”. She just delivers it with so much swagger (<—can’t stop won’t stop).


“#GETITRIGHT” – This song is actually so dirty, but it sounds so cute and happy. It kind of creeps me out. (Especially when Miley invites midgets into bed with her…just a tad bit uncomfortable to watch) Nonetheless, it is catchy and fun to dance to!


“WE CAN’T STOP” – The party anthem of teenagers nowadays has got to be this song. It’s loud, it’s catchy, and I just can’t stop listening to it. Plus everybody knew the words.


 “LOVE MONEY PARTY” – This song is a mix of Miley’s edgy pop style and Mike Will Made-It’s hip-hop/rap beats. I like the combination because it makes for a fantastic party song, and the “LOVE, MONEY, PARTY” chorus is so much fun to chant along to. Not to mention Miley gyrating on a car just makes it that much more obnoxious and crazy.


“WRECKING BALL” – I am disappointed that Miley didn’t ride on a wrecking ball while singing this song, but at least she did get to show off her vocal skills. Though she is mostly known for her notorious dancing and provocative videos, she really does have talent, and I’m glad she toned it down for this song. If you are ever angry at an ex, this is a good one to scream along to.


“PARTY IN THE USA” – All my childhood memories came flooding back with this track. I’m very happy she ended the night with this song, because she left it on a very happy and upbeat note.

2014-02-25 22.18.17

2014-02-25 22.19.50

I had so much fun at this concert, and I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy all her sets and outfits were. If you are in need of an exciting, upbeat, loud, and colorful show, this is the one to go to. It’s obnoxious in the best way possible, and is a great conversation starter when you get to say “Yeah, I saw Miley Cyrus live once.”

Miley Panorama

Words and pictures by Yu Ling Wu. 

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