Young Threads : Young Soul Seven

Donald Kwan
“I love Gymmie”

Top : Uniqlo Sweatshirt

Pants : Gap Skinny Chino

Shoes : Nike Flyknit Ones



Describe your style!
I wear just stuff that I like. If I had to label it, i’d call it “casual streetwear.”

Why did you choose this outfit?
I usually pick one piece then just wear whatever else that I feel goes with it. I didn’t want to wear jeans today so I picked the Gap chinos. I also just like grey with olive so the sweatshirt and Flyknits just fell into place.

Where do you usually shop?
90% of my shopping is online. I buy a lot from online retailer sales and used clothing markets like style forum classifieds and Grailed. My favorite store is Uniqlo, and some of my favorite brands are Norse Projects, APC, and Supreme.

What are your fashion inspirations?
As for idols, it was Edward Honaker, but I’m not too sure anymore. I like using tumblr, not much though, mostly /r/mf and /r/mfa, some styleforum and care-tags.

Bonnie’s Thoughts:
Edward Honaker is beautiful. I love him too.

Words and pictures by Bonnie Yuen

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