Sunset Tutorials: Lips


For this tutorial we’re going to be drawing a pair of beautiful, plump, and full lips. Lips on a character can make them appear sexy, seductive, gentle, nervous, or caring. So many things can be read just by looking at the lips. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I go through in order to draw lips using Photoshop. As usual, a tablet will be needed and—of course—Photoshop as well.


Step 1: First, I usually start out by sketching and then lining the lips. Line weight is very important when lining anything since it helps bring more depth to the picture. Make the lines thicker near places where there are heavy shadows or places that stand out.

Step 2: Then, I use red for the basic color of the lips. You can also choose to use pink, orange, purple, or any wild insane color you wish to choose. At the bottom, I showed what colors I will use later on to do the shading of the lips.


Step 3: In this step, I start to block in the highlights and shadows with a soft round brush. I tried not to just use different shades of red, as can be seen in the swatch of different colors I used. Using only different shades of red tends to make a picture look really flat, and by adding hints of orange and shades of pink, you can make the subject much more interesting.


Step 4: Using the same brush but at a smaller size, I drew the shadow lines as well as started doing detail for the highlights. I used a combination of orange, yellow, and white for the highlights since I really wanted to make these lips pop.


Step 5: To really make the lips look a bit more realistic, I used the smudge tool to smooth out the highlights that I had done. Then, I used the burn tool to emphasize the shadows and make the lips stand out even more. I used the dodge tool to dodge certain areas where the light hits it directly to make it brighter.
There you have it! Beautiful and sexy lips that are totally impossible in real life!

Drawings and tutorial by Darren Huang.



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