Through Lenses: Creative Selfie Projects


In last week’s post I discussed the merits of self-portraiture. One of the citations that I made linked to this video by Laci Green where she discussed the same topics and lists some ways to play around with selfies. 

According to Laci, you should:

1. Take photos of yourself when you are doing things you love.

2. Take unflattering photos to learn how much angles and lighting can flatter you.

3. Take photos of yourself when you feel awesome.

4. Don’t only take photos when you feel good and/or look good.

5. Ignore the voices that tell you to look a certain way and photograph yourself how you really are.

These are all well and good and they are simple ways to shift how you take and view selfies.

If you want to get more serious with your selfies and turn it into a project, you have come to the right place. Here are some selfie projects that I find fascinating and are definitely doable by newbies to photography.

1. 365 Selfie Project

Taking a photo of yourself every day can either be a practice in creativity or in consistency. Here are two examples:

2. Add text to your selfies

There are hundreds of simple online app editors which you can use to add this aspect to a selfie. You can use words which describe emotion or provide distraction, anything you want. Incorporate signs in the photos themselves or superimpose quotes, anything you feel fits the situation.

Here is an example of using text to create a different feeling in a selfie:

lindsay bottos

This artist was tired of anonymous hate and decided to impose these messages onto her selfies: compelling and saddening.

3. Create Your Own Project, examples

a. Take a photo of yourself when you are feeling certain emotions, or each time you feel a different emotion.

b. Take selfies representing the Seven Deadly Sins, or your favorite fictional characters.

c. Copy your family members or friends and take selfies with them:

d. One of my favorite projects is using an old photograph and recreating it in the same place, or simply bringing it back to its original setting. While this is not necessarily a selfie project, it certainly can be.

then and now

e. This last one is my personal favorite. Portuguese photographer Ana Luisa Pinto is currently posting a weekly selfie on her Flickr. Each week she chooses a word from the alphabet and completes a self-portrait inspired by that word. Her photos are clearly digitally manipulated, but her concept could be easily adapted by anyone. It inspires me and I hope it inspires you too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.21.26 PM

If you have suggestions on ways to explore self-portraiture, head right down to the comments and start a conversation with me @wise_it_so on Twitter, or email me at

Words by Miranda Hollingswood

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