Through Lenses: 365 Days, Week #6

365 w6.jpg

Week #6 The bad: “Fuzzy comfort.”

365 w6 2

This week was pretty good and I do not particularly dislike this photo: it’s just very simple, and that is A-okay. This one was clearly an end-of-the-day grab at my 365.  I could not move because my cat was on my lap and was falling asleep. There are far more creative ways to work with this stationary situation. I could have been honest and captured how I was stuck creatively and physically. I could have looked out into my room and found an interesting shadow or an angle of wall surface. But I focused on the thing that was keeping me stuck and on a way I liked that situation: fuzzy comfort.

The good: “French card game.”

365 w6 1

I love this photo for a lot of reasons. I like the way the carpet’s pattern lies along the rule of third. The way the cards frame the subjects face is kind of whimsical, as is the way her dress reveals her back. I also like the odd table leg in the corner: it could be distracting but I think it makes the photo more interesting. Plus, it brings back memories and that’s the most important thing for me.

Fun fact from Week #6:

1. The card game Mille Bornes (thousand milestones) is often printed entirely in French, even if it is produced by an American factory.

Photographs and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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