I Shutter When I See You: Female Roosevelt

roosevelt self portriat

“…when children are 7 years old, boys and girls say they want to become president in roughly the same numbers. By the time they’re 15, however, the number of girls who say they would like to be president drops off dramatically as compared to the boys.” Stop Selling Sexism to our Daughters

Inspired by a man named Roosevelt

“Men are almost 60% more likely than women to view themselves as ‘very qualified’ to run for office. Women are more than twice as likely as men to rate themselves as ‘not at all qualified’. … This is the same pattern we uncovered in college students.” Girls Just Wanna Not Run

“If people knew that Cuba, China, Iraq and Afghanistan have more women in government than the United States of America, that would get some people upset.” – Gavin Newsom

A portrait of a stranger, coming soon!

Photograph and words by Miranda Hollingswood

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