Touch Screen to Begin: PAD


Hello and welcome to “Touch Screen to Begin”! My name is Chen Yu and I am a senior at Lincoln High School in SF. I often find myself staring at my phone when I am waiting around or in an awkward social situation. This made me think: “Why not make a column about phone games since I spend so much time with them?”

My first post is about a game I have been playing for quite a while called “Puzzle & Dragons” (or PAD). Imagine if you could move blocks in Bejeweled around for 5 seconds each turn and the matches you make fuel up monsters on your team to attack other monsters and catch them. That is pretty much how PAD is played. This game has very clean visuals with well drawn monsters and colorful orbs, and the music is not bad either (although I personally play with sound off most of the time).

This game has a pretty simple concept but constant updates and changes keep the game fun. I have been playing PAD for about 2 years now, and I am still an avid fan. I feel like this game is suitable for people of any age and it is pretty easy to learn how to play. Give it a shot and download it at the App Store or the Google Play Store!


Review by Chen Yu

3 thoughts on “Touch Screen to Begin: PAD

  1. Wow, great work Chen! I knew you had it in you. I hope you are having a great summer and cannot wait to see you in a month. After reading your blog, I decided to try out this game. I am obsessed with this game now! I can see why you play this so often. If it’s not too much trouble, you should add me. Here’s my ID , 340,791,237. I currently have a Horus as my leader.

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