Think Thrice: Introduction

triple monkey edit


As Charlotte the spider once said, “Salutations!” Unfortunately, I am not a spider, but a mere human who enjoys writing almost as much as Charlotte enjoys spinning webs. My names is Sophia, and I present to you my column –– Think Thrice. Living amongst its column neighbors in the Wave community, Think Thrice will bring you short fictional stories based on real-life events. By real-life events, I mean anything I see that inspires me to write a page-turning (aka scroll-worthy) story. Hopefully, through reading the musings that form within my brain, you will come to see the world through a slightly larger lens and think not twice, but thrice!

Here are a few arbitrary facts about myself:


1. I enjoy chasing birds (any type will do).

2. I have owned cats, hamsters, rabbits, quails, turtles, and parakeets, though not all at the same time.

3. When I eat out, I always tell myself to choose something new, but I always end up picking something I’ve had before.

4. On the subject of food, I have a debilitating sweet tooth.

5. There’s always a pencil and a Post-It pad on my nightstand, just in case I think of a life-changing idea right before I fall asleep.

6. People and clouds are some of my favorite things to observe.
I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with you all, and I hope you are willing to stay and listen!

Words by Sophia Wu, Image by Internet, Photoshop of image by Sophia Wu

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