Touch Screen to Begin: Wind Runner


A friend and I found Wind Runner about half a year ago. We were trying to find games that were not popular at the time and Wind Runner stood out. It looked really cool, so we both started playing. We got a couple other friends to join in with us, but our interest didn’t last long. Recently, as I browsed my phone for games to play, I saw that Wind Runner was still there. I gave it another shot, and then decided to share my opinion here on The Wave.

Wind Runner is a 2D side-scrolling running game developed by WeMade Entertainment. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and it is free to play. Originally a Korean game made for Kakao, it is now translated into English. It is a simple game and a nice way to pass time, but it does have its own noticeable flaws, which I will get to momentarily.

The first thing I noticed and liked about Wind Runner was the characters that you play as. There are a couple characters you can unlock throughout the game and you can level up each character to give them better stats and new looks. Additionally, you can also buy mounts and pets to aid you in your game. The characters, pets and mounts are all exceptionally well made and the backgrounds are always visually pleasing. I feel that the music fits the art style well, however I do not really pay much attention to music in games.


Remember when I said that Wind Runner has its own noticeable flaws? I think the greatest annoyance in this game is its reliance on social networking. This game highly encourages you to connect it to your Facebook, in fact, I am not sure if you can even play without connecting. Wind Runner brings in its competitive aspect by pitting you against your Facebook friends in a weekly ranking board. This game uses ‘shoes’ as its stamina system. Every run requires one shoe and once you run out of shoes, you have to have friends give you shoes or wait for them to regenerate over time. You do not necessarily need friends who also play Wind Runner but having them yields great benefits.


Overall, Wind Runner is not a game that I would sink tons of time into but it is a nice way to pass time. To me, Wind Runner is that one game that I pop open when I have absolutely nothing else to do on my phone. The heavy reliance on Facebook is the biggest turn-off for me but if you do not mind things like that, Wind Runner may be for you. It is a great game with a system that I dislike. If you want to give it a try, you can find it in the App Store or the Play Store.


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