Touch Screen to Begin: Wind-Up Knight


Wind-Up Knight is a runner game made by Robot Invader, however there’s more to it than just jumping and collecting coins. You play as a knight who’s on a journey to save a princess in a castle. In order to accomplish this mission, you must slash birds, block falling barrels, roll under towers, jump across platforms, and collect coins. Wind-Up Knight is free to play, but does contain in-app purchases.

WUK is a very visually pleasing game. Personally, I prefer Wind Runner’s art style, but that’s just my opinion. I usually prefer playing games with sound off, but the music in this game is nice and soothing. The game controls are nice and fluid, and apparently it even has controller support, which is very interesting for a mobile game.


Wind-Up Knight adds several different features for a side scrolling game that make it unique. Standing between yourself and the princess are birds, raining barrels, spikes, and much more. You must use your sword and shield to keep yourself alive as you jump and roll through levels. Even the jumping in this game is unique, because you can jump and slide down walls. I haven’t gotten to the later parts of the game, but apparently there’s even more things you can do!


I think Wind-Up Knight’s only flaw is its level system. The levels come in sets called ‘books,’ and you have to complete 100% of every level of each book before moving on to the next book. In order to unlock all the books in the game, you will have to pay for them. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. It encourages people to replay levels and try to perfect them, but paying for additional levels always sucks.


Personally, I didn’t enjoy Wind-Up Knight that much, but it is a solid game nonetheless, and I can safely recommend it for anyone who is looking to play games on their phone. It suits any age group, and there’s even a Wind-Up Knight 2 in the app store. The second version is probably much better than this, but I decided to play this one since it’s the first. There’s more to this game than what is covered here. Wind-Up Knight is definitely worth the try, and if it sounds like your type of thing, go to the App Store or the Play Store!

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