Touch Screen to Begin: Lost Fantasy (로스트판타지)


로스트판타지 for Kakao, or Lost Fantasy, is a Korean puzzle-based RPG. Similar to Puzzles and Dragons, this game adds new twists and turns to make it a completely fresh and fun experience. Even though I couldn’t understand the text at all (it was in Korean), I was still able to understand most of what was going from the tutorial and from prior knowledge playing PAD. If you’re not used to games like PAD, you might not want to dive into this, but if you are and you want something similar with a twist, then this might just be for you!

The very first thing you have to do before even playing Lost Fantasy is download Kakao, a multi-platform social app, and make an account. After using your Kakao account to log in and download the game, the first thing you will notice is the game’s art style. Lost Fantasy actually has a storyline, and you can make a guess at what’s happening even if you don’t speak Korean. The story is told in a comic book format, which made it all the more interesting.


Remember when I said in my first post that PAD was like Bejeweled and Pokemon combined? I take that back — this game is literally Bejeweled. You can’t move orbs around like you can in PAD. You move orbs one at a time, but once you move your first orb, you have a time limit to make as many matches as possible. Those combos let your monsters attack and go through dungeons, just like PAD. But if this game played exactly like Bejeweled, it would be really boring. After making a combo, you can swipe more orbs to add onto it, making a chain effect. It makes the game super chaotic and face paced, because linking together bigger combos requires a certain level of reaction time.


Lost Fantasy’s interface is extremely captivating. The art for the storyline comics are super well drawn, and the same goes for the monsters. The art style is not cartoon-ish like PAD — it has a more ‘serious’ tone, if that’s the right word. The sound compliments the game well, but as with every other mobile game in existence, I always prefer the sound off. Even though it’s something different from PAD, I enjoy the visuals of this game very much.


Also like every mobile game, there are downsides to this app.The fact that you have to download Kakao and make an account might turn people away because they don’t want to bother. Also, if you haven’t realized already, this game is pretty much all in Korean. The only reason why I was able to navigate the game was because I’m used to PAD’s interface, and Lost Fantasy’s interface is very similar. I tried looking for English sites, groups, guides, and databases, but none came up in my searches. So, I had no idea what any of the monsters did, which sucked. Also, this game can lag super hard at times. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or the game, but that’s something to keep in mind.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game, and if you can put up with not being able to read anything in the game, then you should totally try it out. This is an app that I will definitely keep in my phone, and even though I’ve kind of hit a wall in the game, it’s still fun enough to keep trying. Even though everything is in Korean, the tutorial features visuals, so it’s not entirely impossible with no PAD experience. This game is worth the time and effort, and hopefully in the future, there will be an English patch/version of this game. You can give Lost Fantasy a try at the App Store or the Play Store!

Words and images by Chen Yu

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