One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish: The Bubble Eye

bubble eye goldfish


As its name implies, the bubble eye goldfish’s eyes look like giant bubbles. Of course, its eyes are normal and they are able to see (although they are pointed upwards). The sacks under the eyes gives them this unique appearance. These fluid-filled bags actually give the fish a disadvantage when using its sense of sight, despite how big its eyes may look. Although entertaining to observe, these pouches can be a burden in several other ways, beyond the challenges to its vision.


In spite of the fact that the bubbles can make you giggle when you watch them jiggle and shake around its body as it moves, they actually slow its swimming down. This is made even worse by the fact that the bubble eye lacks a dorsal fin. The pouches also make the bubble eye prone to diseases because they break or pop easily. Although they can heal, it’s no laughing matter, especially when it bursts because of a cut caused by a plastic ornament that you put into your tank.

As I mentioned before in a previous post about the black moor (another goldfish which has poor vision), DO NOT USE PLASTIC ORNAMENTS in your tank of goldfish, especially one filled with fish that have a protruding characteristic that can be destroyed. I say this because of my own experience. I had a bubble eye in a tank with plastic plants, and one day I noticed that one of its bubbles had shrunken down because it had cut itself. As it was healing I noticed a black splotch where the plastic had pierced the skin. I thought it was going to heal without a problem, but days later it died, most likely due to disease. I repeat: do your fish a favor and avoid plastic plants!

DO NOT USE PLASTIC PLANTS. Their sharp edges can cut goldfish.

Also as I mentioned in my post about the black moor, placing such a fragile fish in a community tank can be risky because it will probably never get food, not only because it is slow, but also because it can’t see very well. You don’t have to place it in a tank with only bubble eye goldfish, for there are many other fish with disadvantages, in fact, many have sight disadvantages in particular. Pairing them with celestial eye or black moor, or any telescope eye fish is suitable, but don’t put it with hearty, aggressive fish like the fantail and ryukin.

It can be a hard raising the bubble eye goldfish, but don’t get discouraged from getting one because the effort put into this fish will be worth it. Bubble eyes are entertaining and amusing to watch.

If you still don’t have a fish collection, now is the time to start one (seeing as how you have just been introduced to a hilarious, alien-like species, which will be sure to provide you with entertainment and good company). Already a budding fish-enthusiast? Now you’ve been introduced to a different, comical fish! As with my previous posts, I will gladly answer any questions left in the comments box.


1st image by the internet , the rest of the images and words by Eugene Liu.

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