The Wave: Gettin’ Collage-y With It


Last week, the Sunset Media Wave team got cutty and creative for Campbell’s student lead activity –– making collages out of magazine clippings and images plucked from the internet that represented their personal styles. In part two of the task, members were asked to get introspective and answer the following questions in five words or less:

1. My style is…

2. Fashion means to me…

Through these D-I-Y works of art, the Wavers were able to highlight their unique, quirky, fierce and fabulous fashion senses while also expressing the importance of clothing in their lives.

Name: Riley Kubota

Blog: The Sole Account


My style is…expensive, foreign, trendy, monochrome, texturized.

Fashion means to me…standing out, but conformitive

Name: Chen Yu

Blog: Touch Screen to Begin 

IMG_0179My style is…not flashy

Fashion means to me…status and type

Name: Elizabeth Shearer

Blog: The Never ending Soundtrack that is My Life

IMG_0177My style is…black, fun, rock, casual, me

Fashion means to me…identification, Whatever You Want!

Name: Eugene Liu

Blog: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish


My style is… simple and plain.

Fashion means to me…the way I dress myself

Name: Sarah Ma

Blog: A Vibe Called S


My style is…casual and laid back.

Fashion means to me…to express, enhance, hide behind.

Name: Sophia Wu

Blog: Think Thrice

IMG_0174My style is…simple and relaxed

Fashion means to me…comfort and expression

Name: Yu Ling Wu

Blog: Shots Fired


My style is… rainbow vomit with no direction.

Fashion means to me…expressing who you are.

Name: Campbell Gee

Blog: Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul


My style is…minimal, ever-changing, clean, sleek.

Fashion means to me…outward expression, art, an armor.

Name: Ella Luna

Blog: The Significance of Unimportance


My style is…vintage, majestic and cozy.

Fashion means to me… bringing my enemies to their knees.
Name: Erica Villaran-Love

Blog: It’s Kind of a ______ Story


My style is…relaxed and whatever I’m comfortable in.

Fashion means to me…a way to express yourself.

Name: Madelynne Hewett

Blog: The Film Side of the Force


My style is…whatever I feel to wear.
Fashion means to me…a way to express yourself.
Words and collages by the wavers, photos by Riley Kubota, compiled by Campbell Gee

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