The Significance Of Unimportance: The Benevolent Salt Dragon

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 4.06.30 PM

that infectious mark

the humans claimed it as

a gift


they had not remembered,

would never remember

the dragons that held them,

nurtured them,

warmed their digustingly furless pelts,

whom they


with those echoing cannoning burrowing buttoning –

with those bloody metal cylinders

whom they


by removing their heads


their wings

and turning themselves into dragons

done wrong


however, they also failed to remember


deep in the Endless Forest,

plunged abysmally into the depths

of the White River,

there remained a final dragon,

who was only a fledgling when the wars had begun,

with scales

and heart

and eyes

and an attitude toward humans

(those writhing, gullible creatures)

that had been hardened by the salt

that slowed the river


the Salt Dragon was,

as I have promised, benevolent.

For though humans

(those gullible, writhing creatures)

stole from the Salt Dragon

his family,

his friends

and all that he had loved


the children

had saved him

had broke the Endless Forest’s infamous secrecy

had sealed his wounds in the salt of the forbidden White River.


and though the children and the dragon did not share a tongue,

the children understood

that they should return

and the dragon understood

that the children

and the children

and the children

and all the children after that

would return

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