Rare Exports: Fresh Off The Boat!


I’m Tom and I love movies. Right now, I spend a good amount of my time at school making movies, but honestly, watching them is way more fun! There’s something incredible about how immersive movies can be, their ability to transport an audience to tell a story and transport an audience to new worlds.

There are just so many kinds of movies. Potentially endless amounts. You could like romance movies and I could like action movies and someone else could like movies that star talking animals, and all of those genres exist in endless supply. 

That’s what this column is going to do: explore weird sub genres of movies, stuff I (and probably you) wouldn’t watch otherwise. Each month, I’ll find a really obscure niche of movie – like Chinese Coming-of Age movies or German Underground Horror (which is literally just German directors making movies that get immediately banned by their government) – and will write about about a couple of movies inside that genre. Maybe they’ll be terrible, or maybe they’ll be awesome! My goal is to go into this without any preconceived notions, because where’s the fun in that?

Whatever the case, this weird thing kicks off this Wednesday. For October, I’ll be going through Korean Monster Movies, starting with The Host. Check back then!

Words by Tom Bunting. Photos by the Internet.

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