Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog

“I’m Only the Messenger. Now You’re the Message.” BANG!!!!!

-Richard Stark

18spzqa3slj3ujpgThere is a dark, seedy world nearly hidden from us. We see it in the news, during the aftermath it brings forth. We see it in the films we love and books we read. It is a world we can find, but never run from. This world of crime surrounds us –– hiding in plain sight –– and I love it.


Robert McGinnis 1926 -  American Panter and Illustrator - Tutt'Art (19)

I’ve spent my year watching crime films, and reading similar comics. There is so much about the genre that fascinates me and inspires me. It’s even prompted me to create a film that encompasses all I have come to know about the topic. The process of making this film will be shown step by step, alongside reviews of the crime works that influenced it. Each month will focus on a different theme connecting to a collective of crime movies and comics along with aspects of my film that relate to them. Prepare –– a shotgun-barrel blast of the crime genre is about to break impact and with it comes this great quote. “I’m only the messenger. Now you’re the message.” Bang!

Written By: Tyler Ducheneaux

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