Imagine Cloud: Cloudy With a Chance of Fire?

cloud copy

Hello! I’m Darren from “Sunset Tutorials!” and NO this is not a tutorial! In my new column I’ll be taking things in a slightly different direction. I got some great inspiration over the summer from some other artists who take frequent screenshots of their works in progress. After recording the entire process of my drawing, I will then replay it, and then speed up what I recorded.

Personally, I started learning how to use Photoshop by watching a lot of similar videos. Also when I first saw these, I found it inspiring to see how something amazing could be created from a blank canvas. I hope that you guys will have like-minded thoughts. Watching these time lapse sequences also show the process of the artist, and you can pick up details that you wouldn’t normally discover with a regular tutorial.

Basically, this will be similar to my former column, but instead of taking a more DIY approach, I’ll be providing you with a window into my own work. By watching how I create my work, perhaps you will realize that each step is something that you could do as well (with a lot of practice). Here is a sneak preview of my new work, and a chance to see what the future posts will be like. This will only be a set of screenshots, but hopefully for my next post I can actually record what I do and then speed it up.











Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Words and photos by Darren Huang.

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