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Hello, ladies and gents. I’m here to ask you one simple question. What exactly are video games? How are they different from other games? Do you play them for sport, or just for the hell of it? You don’t play Legend of Zelda with chess pieces. You can’t really swing a sword at a deck of cards or at a monopoly board, either. However, we’re here to talk one of those two things. To be specific, I’m going to be exploring the science and methods behind video games. Hey there, my name is John, and I will be your guide through the collection of interactive moving picture simulators we commonly refer to as video games. Welcome to HeartPlus! 

Portal 2 rezzi“Aside from the fact that I’m probably going to die, this glass effect looks awesome.” – Portal 2 


Let’s get the first thing on our list scratched off. What exactly is a video game? As quoted by the ever so lovely Wikipedia, “A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.” What is a user interface and a video device? Well, basically, they’re fancy names for how you play the game, and what you play the game on. Types of user interfaces include things like touch screens, motion activated devices like the Kinect, or the classic keyboard and mouse.

Civ 5 RUSSIA YES rezzi“If anything, we can just put archers everywhere, Right?” – Civilization 5: Complete Edition. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to the various classifications of games. Please note, however, game genres have a lot of grey area and leave certain aspects to personal interpretation. Video games often fall under multiple categories and aren’t limited to just one. Each category splits up into smaller categories, which break up into smaller categories, which break up into… well, you get the point. Here are a few large genres you may already be aware of: Action, Action Adventure, Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy, and Sports. If you play games (which is extremely likely if you’re reading this blog), can you fit your favorite games into a single category?

Payday 2 Rezzi“Did someone step over your stack of mines? Because there’s a Tazer literally 100 feet up in the air.” – Payday 2

Now that we know what video games are and how they are grouped, but what makes games so interesting? Why have video games been growing more and more popular in recent years? Why have games like League of Legends and first person shooters such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Counter Strike: Global Offensive become so widespread? Why are people even attracted to video games? We will get into that in our next post! As always, stay awesome everyone!

Words and photos by John Apolinar.

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