Kindie: Greetings!!!

It’s K-indie, not Kindle.


(안녕하세요!) Hello, my name is Jane and I’m currently a senior at Lowell High School. In Kindie, I will be covering amazing Korean indie songs (in Korean!) that are buried under the mainstream K-pop songs. Like many others, I’m a K-pop fan and have my favorite bands, but I’m especially attracted to songs that have beautiful harmonies and interesting guitar instrumentals. Gradually, they have led me to the world of Korean indie where I immediately fell in love with the whole genre. 

Whenever I hear a fantastic indie song, I always struggle to track down the piano or guitar chords on the internet. As a result, I was never successful in actually recording a cover. This also made me realize how ‘non-mainstream’ K-indie is. In the hope of bringing more attention to the K-indie genre, I will be recording covers, which will introduce you to the K-indie wonderland so you can see how amazing it is!

With that said, I will do my best to post every other Friday on my work-in-progress or finished song. Stay tuned!


Words by Jane Zhang

Image provided by Google Images

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