Silly Songs With SaFong: Introduction


Hello! My name is Samantha, or SaFong as some may call me. I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life and grew up listening to the Eagles, Pilot, King Harvest, etc. Since then, however, I have to grown to love YouTube artists such as Tori Kelly, Leroy Sanchez, and Howard Chan as well as Christian Pop artists such as Tim Be Told and Tenth Avenue North – who all focus on creating music with a more acoustic sound. I aim to create that same sound with the originals and covers I post, using solely my voice, a guitar, and a mic. I’m looking forward to sharing my music with you all! 

For the past week I have been working on an acoustic version of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. In the past I focused on OTS (One Take Sessions) in which I’d record my singing and guitar playing all at once with no overdubs (overlapping sounds). Now that I’m launching this new column with Sunset Media Wave, I have access to some great recording equipment so I want to try to take my music to the next level. In my upcoming post, I will take you through the steps I followed in creating this full sounding cover. Here’s a little snippet:

Words, sounds, and images by Samantha Fong

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