Kindie: 1st Cover!!!

It’s K-indie, not Kindle.

The Song:

For my first cover, I was lucky to find an instrumental for ‘니가 싫어’(I Hate You) by Urban Zakapa, one of my favorite bands! Urban Zakapa(어반자카파) is a singer-songwriter trio formed in 2009. They have powerful vocals and soulful melodies that lure people into their music. ‘I Hate You’ is a ballad, involving a woman’s scarred heart and the ending of an unforgettable relationship. If you want to know more about them, check out their website


The Finding:

As I said in my previous post, finding the instrumentals for my favorite songs has been a difficult task. I had to abandon the songs that I had in mind, which I still hope to cover in the future as I learn more about composing music. But I eventually ended up with this instrumental after google searching for all the possible instrumentals that I could find.


The Recording:

I had a lot of fun during my two Fridays spent with Jon in the studio. (Thank you Jon!) It was my first time recording so I was not sure about what to do exactly. But Jon was always there to help me so my first day in the studio went smoothly! The same goes for my second day, which I spent recording the harmonies. Jon gave me a lot of positive feedback and tips along the way. I also learned how to use the editing tools, even though sometimes he just hit a few keys and something magical happened (that I will soon understand in greater detail). +w+

It was also very interesting to have people commenting on my Korean singing; I see it as a simple task! How hard is it to sing in another language? Well, Jon amazed me when he pointed out  that 사랑(love) was his favorite Korean word, even though the song is filled with the word 싫어(hate). What are your favorite words/phrases in the song? Comment below to share your thoughts! I’m also open to song cover suggestions… :]


Also, check out the original song here!


Words by Jane Zhang

Image provided by Google Images

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