Soul Searchin’: At Last

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about this because it is my first cover! This song, most famously covered by Etta James, was actually written for a musical film called Orchestra Wives. This was my first time recording a song professionally. Most of the songs I have sung have been live or not recorded at all. It was an interesting experience because, personally, I prefer to sing for big audiences. Singing and having only one person listening is scary for me. At first, I was nervous to record, but as I sang the song more times, I felt more confident and gave it my all. 

This song represents someone who finally feels comfortable and happy with another person. I think we can all relate to this song, even if you’ve never been in love –– because we all have people or things that make us feel safe and joyful. When you listen to my cover, I hope it brings back good memories of the people you love and care about.

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