Kindie: Ocean Of Light

It’s K-indie, not Kindle.

The Song:

The song that I’m covering this time is “Ocean of Light” by Nell(넬), an indie rock band. Heavily influenced by numerous British bands, Nell is known for their gloomy and psychedelic sound. But this song is not so gloomy –– as it talks about change, breaking through walls and letting your dreams run free in the ocean of light. I chose to cover this song because although the lyrics and music are simple, they are heartfelt and uplifting. Since summer days are over and winter is approaching, I hope to share this positive vibe with you to brighten your day! 🙂 

For more of Nell’s songs, check out their website here


The Recording:

Instead of singing slow and mellow melodies, which I am comfortable with, I chose to do a fast rock & roll song this time. Personally it was very challenging, because it’s not the kind of song that I would typically sing. I had a hard time relaxing and letting my voice flow with the instrumental –– Or maybe I’m just not a rock person.  :/

But in the end everything turned out alright with Jon’s help (shoutout to Jon!). Overall, it’s a different experience for me as I try a new style of song and learn to do more of the editing myself.


Also, check out the original song here!



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