Imagine Cloud: Snowy with Chance of Screams

“Do you want to play with me?”

 The dolly’s been lonely for too long, and neglected by its owner. Thus, like every possessed doll in almost every horror movie, it resorts to the last entertainment option of its kind: playing with a delightful tea party set with sheets that are dyed in a nice hue of scarlet. 

I came up with the idea for this piece when I saw an ad for the movie ‘Annabelle,’ plus I’ve always wanted to paint a picture of a possessed killer doll. Since I started this picture around Halloween, I thought that this would be the perfect excuse for me to do something creepier than I usually do. For this picture I used one chalk brush for the whole picture. When I paint pictures with this brush, I tend to start in grayscale then transition to color. It is a really fast way for me to make pictures and much more free than painting every detail.

O wait a second! I’ve been speaking too much and the dolly is lonely again. Do you want to play with her next? It’s going to be a thrilling tea party!

Words and images by Darren Huang

Video editing by Madelynne Hewett

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