fArt With Alana: Stonestown Farmers Market


I’ve been going to the farmers market frequently since I was a kid. The familiar smells of fresh fruit, flowers, and coffee travel through the air the second you arrive. The five-year-old Stonestown Farmers Market is one of newest of its kind established in San Francisco. To give you a larger perspective, the oldest is the Alemany Farmer’s Market located in Bernal Heights. 


My mother and I have been regulars at the Stonestown market since it begun. Over the years we’ve seen it grow amazingly. The number of farmers and sellers has increased dramatically, as well as the amount of attendees.


Every Sunday morning I would be torn between choosing either a belgian waffle from the Golden Waffle food truck, dumplings from the Happy Dumpling stand or a pastry from one of the bakeries. Regardless of the choice I made, I was always happy.


The produce from the market is rich in taste and color; everything there seems to be more vibrant than the produce in regular grocery stores. Visiting the Stonestown Farmer’s Market on an early Sunday morning is a perfect way to start the day.


Another great thing about the Stonestown Farmer’s Market is that they always have live music. The performers always give off great vibes and really makes the experience more fun. Every musician is classified under a different genre, but many of them combine a range of sounds from various genres to create a fusion.


When I went on Oct. 22nd, I got to hear Billy D perform. He pulled characteristics from jazz, folk, country, and alternative. “I’ve tried it all,” he said. Billy’s music was really fun-loving and gave off a really calm, carefree feeling.


He has been performing at multiple Farmer’s Markets for quite a few years and added that he loves it and doesn’t know when he will ever stop. He’s performed with many other well-known individuals, one being Willie Nelson. After my interview, he even gave me one of his CDs to keep.


The Stonestown Farmer’s Market is always a delightful way to start your Sunday morning. You will always find something new to snack on and something great to listen to.


Words and Images by Alana Poole

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