Long Story Short: A Phantom Tollbooth


So this is a book I have tucked up my sleeve. My friend Daniel recommended me this book that I think he said was his childhood favorite, but  I never read this book until last year. I definitely recommend this for younger readers (because this book has cool pictures), though I don’t really know. I might just like this book because a really good friend recommended it to me. 


How happy he was when I finally finished it, especially after he recommended it to me for the longest time. And reading his copy of the book for sure made the time it took quite valuable. The characters like Tock — a watchdog with a literal watch in his belly–– are creative , the setting — traveling from “Dictionopolis” to “Digitopolis” — and the profound quotes in this book are something you learn from.

unnamed-1 17-23-52

This right here is my friend’s favorite excerpt from this book. I’m really appreciative of him sharing this with me, and I hope I that done more than enough of the same with you!

Words and Images by Nathalie Brunelle

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