Kindie: In The Autumn

It’s K-indie, not Kindle.

The Song:

Through “In the Autumn”, SoulstaR reminisces about love. Introducing the music with faint sounds of crickets chirping, the vocal trio expresses missing a lover’s presence. “During autumn, during this autumn, can’t you come back to me? I want to see you and can’t forget you. Where are you?” 

Want to know more about Soul Star? Check out their website here

In the Autumn - Soul Star

The Recording:

I was very comfortable and had a great time singing this song. The melody had me feeling relaxed and joyful. As I was singing, I saw myself wearing school uniform, playing around, and having a fun time.

I also tried something new as I recorded this song in a closet!! There is something magical about being in a small and dark place, which helps me sing more at ease and confidently. I also had to find replacements for pop filter because there wasn’t one and had trouble with the “p” sound. But overall the closet recording experience was great and I’d like to try it again!

Also, check out the original song here!

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